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iPower Energy provides local solar energy services to homeowners in Perris, CA. You can save as much as 50% on your electricity bills in Perris and generate monthly credits through net metering when you convert your home to clean solar energy.


Perris, CA 3.51kW System

4 bd  |  3 ba  |  2,174 sqft  | $526.50 Clean Energy Incentive

$0.26kWh Electricity Rate  | $0.16kWh After Solar
Power Purchase Agreement  |  39% Savings 


Owning the solar panels on your roof is not the only path to enjoying the benefits of solar energy. Taking on the added debt of a solar loan and the responsibility of maintaining and repairing a solar system should be carefully considered. We locked this Perris, CA resident in at a $0.16kWh rate for  clean energy power, saving them 38.5% on their electricity bill with no annual increase. 

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Aptos DNA-144-440W With Dual Nano Absorber (DNA) Technology
  • Dual Nano Absorber (DNA) technology gives Aptos Solar panels better performance at high temperatures and makes them more efficient

  • Aptos Solar is an American company

  • High-power solar panels with class leading long-term reliability

  • All-black design for pristine aesthetics

  • Best in class product design tested to withstand 210 mph wind speed

SolarEdge Single Phase Inverter With HD-Wave Technology
  • The SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter is only responsible for DC to AC inversion. Consequently, it is a simpler, more cost effective, more reliable solar inverter

  • Winner of the prestigious 2016 Intersolar Award and the renowned 2018 Edison Award

  • Small, lightweight, and easy to install

  • High reliability due to lower heat dissipation

  • Record-breaking 99% efficiency allows more energy production for an improved ROI

single phase solaredge inverter.png
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • 25 Year System Insurance

  • 25 Year End of Term System Removal

  • 25 Year Service Transfer Guarantee

  • 25 Year Solar Panel Manufaturer Warranty

  • 25 Year Workmanship Warranty

  • 10 Year Roof Penetration Warranty

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25 Year Service Gurantee

We have a team of Service Transfer experts and we guarantee a seamless agreement transfer to the new buyer

25 Year Monitoring

Your system is proactively monitored to make sure it’s performing at its best. Any problems will be identified and repaired—usually before you notice there’s an issue.

25 Year System Maintenance and Repairs

If something happens or if a part wears out, you don’t have to pay to replace it. A PPA takes care of everything for the life of the agreement.

25 Year Performance Guarantee

If your system doesn’t produce the electricity that was promised - for any reason - you’ll receive a refund for the difference. 

A solar power purchase agreement covers up to 25 years of proactive monitoring, maintenance, free equipment replacement and system repairs, full insurance coverage without taking on extra debt. That’s 25 years of solar savings, 0 maintenance required.

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