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Your Bridge to Clean Energy

Pair your home's solar panels with a smart electrical panel. Span monitors your battery, solar, EV's and other essential devices and appliances in your home giving you the power to control your energy and identify what is driving the different consumption patterns in your home from anywhere, anytime.

Solar + Electrical Panel Upgrade With Smart Controls

Manage and monitor the flow of electricity to all of your home’s circuits

Get 40% longer battery backup duration for even more savings and energy resiliency

Understand and control your home's energy use from your smart phone

SPAN logo.png

Your Bridge to Clean Energy

You can be grid-independent when you switch to solar, add a home solar battery backup, and SPAN! Power outages can be scary and happen when you least expect them to. The Span smart electric panel will automatically stop sending electricity to those non-essential circuits when the grid goes down helping your stored energy last longer, 

Better For Solar And Better For Battery Backup

Pair Span with a solar power storage battery and backup your entire home

Know exactly how long you can power essential appliances on your energy storage battery 

Categorize circuits as Must Have, Nice to Have, and Not Essential in the event of a black out

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Control Your Home Energy From Anywhere, Anytime

Always see what’s using energy in your home and turn circuits on and off in real-time

Get powerful appliance performance analytics that give you actionable insights about your energy usage

Discover what appliances are using the most power and use Alexa to turn them on or off

SPAN logo.png

Your Bridge to Clean Energy

Customers with solar and a solar battery backup can ask, "Alexa, ask Span how much is my solar generating?" or prepare for a potential power outage by asking, "Alexa, ask Span how many hours of battery backup protection do I have?"

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