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Solar Panel Installation and Clean Energy Home Services

We'll help you take the first step towards a net-zero energy home with a solar panel installation that produces as much renewable energy as your home consumes over the course of a year, leaving you with a net zero energy bill.

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From roof to rooftop, no one solar panel installation is the same. Each will vary in size and output due to being uniquely designed to respond to the specific needs of every homeowner. You can rest easy knowing we will take a consultative approach to understand and help you achieve your own clean energy goals.

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ipower energy solar panels

Produce Clean Energy and Save

From roof to rooftop, no one solar panel installation is the same. Each will vary in size and output due to being uniquely designed to respond to the specific needs of every homeowner. You can rest easy knowing we will take a consultative approach to understand and help you achieve your own clean energy goals.

Use More Energy and Pay Less

If not now, when? Are you reluctant to switch to an electric car, install a new pool, or start a new business from home because you’re afraid of what it will cost you more in electricity? We can help you by designing a solar panel system that considers your home’s future energy usage and changes. With a well designed system, you can use more energy, pay less, and live your best life all at the same time.

Electric Car Charging Station
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Bank Your Energy
and Prioritize Your Power

In light of California utility companies urging homeowners to cut back energy usage in the late afternoon to avoid rolling blackouts caused by high demand for air conditioning, it’s increasingly evident that the power grid is becoming more unreliable. Don’t worry, our team will map out a solar panel system where you can bank your energy and prioritize how you want to power your home during an outage, confidently and independently from the electrical grid.


Solar is not a one-size-fits all - what worked for your neighbor may not necessarily work for you. With us, you have more options. enjoy a free consulation with one of our experts. They'll help chart the best path forward for your home as they learn more about your solar energy goals.


You might want to sell your property in the next 5 to 7 years. Why then own the solar panels? With a $0 down, no money out-of-pocket solar as a service agreement, you can transition from paying for the unreliable energy being supplied to you by your utility company to paying for the reliable clean energy being generated by solar panels from your own roof. Let the solar utility own, finance, operate and maintain the solar panels while you enjoy affordable and predictable energy prices for years to come.


  • $0 Down

  • No Loan Required

  • Instant Monthly Savings

  • Save up to 50%

  • 25 year Agreement

  • APR As Low As 0%

  • Maintenance & Repairs Included

  • Daily System Monitoring

  • Ease of Selling Home

  • Guaranteed Performance


  • $0 Down

  • Finance to Own

  • Instant Monthly Savings

  • Save up to 60%

  • 10-25 year agreement

  • APR As low as 1.99%

  • Maintain Your Own System

  • Increased Property Value

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit


We offer solar panel and battery storage financing from the nations top sustainable home improvement companies. One of our professionals will work with you to secure $0 down solar panel installation including a low interest rate. By financing to own your system you qualify for the solar investment tax credit (ITC). You’ll also be rewarded with a lower monthly payment than your electricity bill, increased home value, and a monthly payment that actually ends, leaving you with free electricity from your solar panels.


When you choose to make a solar panel cash purchase, you pay for the entire power system upfront when it’s time for installation. With all of the same great benefits of financing your panels you also avoid paying interest and loan fees, saving you more money over the life of your system. Speak directly with one of our experts who will help you compare your options and decide on which solar plan suits you best.


  • No Long Term Agreement

  • Immediately Eliminate Your Electricity Bill

  • Immediately Own Your Home's Power

  • Immediate Increase in Property Value

  • Maximum Long Term Savings

  • No Qualifying Credit Score Needed

  • Ease of Selling Home

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit


We'll help you work towards making your home net-zero energy.  When you balance the amount of energy you consume with the amount of energy your solar panels produce, you're left with a net zero energy bill and a carbon-free home. Install a solar panel system that produces more energy than your home consumes for a fraction of the cost of conventional electricity or store your net energy for use during power outages and blackouts. No matter what your reason is for switching to solar energy, our team is here to help you get started.


You provide the roof, take out a solar loan to own your system or pay for the power your solar energy system produces. We take care of everything else.


Every home and every homeowner's energy consumption is unique so we welcome the opportunity to sit with you to get a better understanding of your energy usage in order to provide a custom system design that's most suitable for you.

Site Survey / Roof Inspection

Our team verifies site conditions, takes photos and detailed measurements and conducts shade studies or other environmental dynamics, if needed.


We install the solar energy system to ensure maximum energy production.


We make it easy for you to monitor the system's performance with online Account Center and Home Energy App.



Thanks to our installation team and partnership with leading energy service companies, iPower Energy is proud to stand behind our work. We’ve got your back.

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Roof Warranty

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Customer Satisfaction

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Micro Inverter

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Panel Manufacturer

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Extended Inverter

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Standard Inverter


Faster Installations

Experience rules. We’ve streamlined the solar installing process to be among the fastest in the industry. 90% of our customers have solar in under 30 days, and 70% in under 25 days.

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All-Inclusive Process

From our initial roof inspection, solar design, to city permit, approvals and inspections, we manage the entire switching to solar process so that you don't have to take on another project.

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Happier Customers

Our customers get solar quickly and the entire process, from consultation to installation is smooth. This is why over 50% of our new business comes from referrals.


Post Solar Services

Our solar panel installation services don't stop after your system is up and running. If you're financing to own your solar panels or purchasing them outright we offer post installation services that help you maintain your solar panels, monitor, and maximize your home's resale value. 


Pearl Certification: Realtor & Appraiser Docs - Pearl helps quantify how much home value the solar adds (average ~4.5%) thanks to thorough third-party verified documentation.


Performance Guarantee - Your solar panels will do what they are designed to do, guaranteed! We will identify any issues and fix it within 30 days or pay for actual lost production until it's fixed.


Annual Multi-Point System Inspection - Our industry-leading service watches your solar for you, guarantees production and prioritizes your support needs. Annual Multi-Point System Inspection - Once a year, we'll conduct a thorough on-site survey of the solar system to make sure all components are free of defects and operating up to expected standards


Monthly Solar Health Check - Every month, we'll take a peek under the hood to make sure your solar energy system is fully operational, and address any issues we discover.


Annual Panel Cleaning - Your subscription comes with one complimentary panel cleaning per year - no restrictions on total system size or number of panels!

Ready to get started with us?

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