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Solar Energy Services in Temecula

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Do you own your home?

By clicking below, I authorize iPower Energy Group, LLC to call me to discuss solar for my home. I understand that I am under no obligation and the information provided to me will help me make an informative decision about going solar. 

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Purchase and Finance Your Solar Panel Energy System With a Zero Down Solar Loan

$0 Down

Power your home with sunlight. Go solar for $0 down and start saving on your electricity bill right away.

Increased Property Value

Research suggests that homeowner-owned solar systems can increase home value by more than 4%.

30% Tax Credit

Become eligible to claim a tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of installion against your Federal income tax bill.

Best-in-class Equipment

We're providing our customers with cutting edge solar panel technology and quality at a competitive price. Aptos solar technology is U.S. based and uses a patented solar technology that pushes the boundaries in terms of performance, aesthetics, and costs.

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Pay For the Power Your Solar Panel Energy System Produces With No Money Out-of-pocket

$0 Down

NO LOAN REQUIRED. Purchase the solar power your solar system produces at a set per kilowatt hour price. 

Performance Guaranteed

Your system will produce the energy it was designed to produce or receive a check for the difference.


Free equipment replacement and system repairs including all parts and labor for the life of your agreement 

Top 4 Reasons to Go Solar Today!

  • Avoid high annual utility rate increases

  • Pay less for electricity all year around

  • Eliminate your electricity bill completely

  • Going solar is better for the environment

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What Are Post Solar Services?

Panel Cleaning

Cleaning your solar panels can increase their overall efficiency by up to 20%. 

Pearl Certification

Quantify how much home value your solar system adds.

Annual Inspection

Once a year, we'll conduct a thorough on-site survey of the solar system.

And More!...

Although a solar panel energy system, once installed, requires little maintenance throughout their rated lifetime, post solar services can help keep your solar panels running at peak performance, saving you time and money

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What Are the Advantages of Installing Solar Panels in Temecula?

Going solar has its perks, especially if you live in Temecula. For example, Southern California Edison's average residential electricity rate in Temecula, CA is 34 ¢/kWh. If you switch to solar power today, you can cut your energy rate in half.

Another benefit to installing solar panels on your home in Temecula is the value it adds to your property. According to Zillow, homes with solar panels sell for approximately 4 percent higher on average than homes without solar energy. Also, going solar reduces your carbon footprint and helps relieve the burden on the utility grid during extremely hot summer temperatures.

How much does solar cost in Temecula?

The cost of a solar energy system can vary, even in the same neighborhood, due to a number of factors, including:

  • A property's energy consumption

  • Roof angle

  • The number of panels

  • Solar panel type

  • Choosing to own or entering into a PPA

In Temecula, we found that the average homeowner who signs a PPA can save as much as 40% on their Southern California Edison kWh rate and as much as 60% if they finance and purchase their solar energy system.

Power Your Home With Sunlight and Pay Less For Electricity All Year Around.

iPower Energy helps Temecula homeowners choose the best solar option for their home.

Customer Experience

Backed by "Our Customer Promise", our guiding principle is to ensure the satisfaction of every homeowner and the success of every project. We stand behind our promise to eliminate the stress of going solar, confront misinformation with honest and accurate information, and provide a superior customer experience backed by industry leading product warranties.


Now, that's Power!


With iPower Energy Group, LLC Temecula homeowners get everything they need in a solar company... and maybe a few they didn't even know they needed.

Start Saving With Solar Today.

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