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How Our Services Help

We'll help you reduce your electricity costs and carbon footprint by setting you up with a solar system that aims to offset 100% of your energy needs. With our residential solar and clean energy management services you can save as much as 60% on your electricity bill. With iPower Energy you go solar with a company that offers services beyond solar and with a reputation for success.

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Solar Installation

iPower Energy leads the way in residential solar installation services. It's no wonder why 90% of our customers have solar in under 30 days, and 70% in under 25 days. 


Solar Battery Backup

When solar panels are paired with a solar battery backup system, your excess power is stored in the battery and you can power your essential appliances with clean energy, even during power outages.

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Solar Energy Management

A home battery can backup a fraction of your home. When paired with SPAN, that same battery can backup your entire home. SPAN replaces your existing electric panel and lets you control every circuit in your home.

Produce Clean Energy For Your Home

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What Are the Benefits of  Clean  Energy?

Reduce your carbon footprint

Help California reduce fossil fuel usage

Make an investment lasting up to 25 years

Reduce your monthly energy bill

Improve the resale value of your home

Generate your own power and heat

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Why Are Electricity Rates Increasing?

Natural gas prices are rising

Climate change

Increased transmittion & distribution costs

Power plant operating costs are increasing 

Population growth effects electricty prices

Out-dated grid infrastructure

Serving all of California

and Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, and Florida

When you choose iPower Energy, not only are you making an impact on the environment, but you're saving money, creating local jobs, expanding renewables access to low-income residents, and helping communities be more resilient to climate-related disruptions to the electricity grid. When we help you make an impact, we help everyone.

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