Menifee, CA 5.72kW System

4 bd  |  3 ba  |  2,243 sqft  | $858 Clean Energy Incentive

$191 Average Electricity Bill  | $114.60 After Solar
Ownership  |  40% Savings 

menifee solar installation 1_edited.jpg

Although this new family wasn't paying, what felt like an uncomfortable amount for electricity every month - they understood that with a growing family and SCE's unpredicatable rate increases every year, their average bill would double over the next 25-years. Going solar saved them 40% on their electricity bill.

PEARL Certification:

Realtor & Appraiser Docs

Pearl helps quantify how much home value solar panels add (average ~4.5%) thanks to thorough third party verified documentation.

Monthly Solar Health Check

Every month, we'll take a peek under the hood to make sure your solar system is fully operational, and address any issues we discover.

Performance Guarantee

Your solar will do what it's designed to do, guaranteed! We will identify any issues and fix it within 30 days or pay for actual lost production until it's fixed.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Your installation comes with one complimentary panel cleaning - no restricition on total system size or number of panels.

Experience rules! We've streamlined the solar installation process to be among the fastest in the industry. 90% of our customers have solar panels on their roof in under 30 days, and 70% in under 25 days.








10 Year Roof Warranty
25 Year Workmanship Warranty

100% Customer Satisfaction

25 Year Microinverter Waranty

25 Year Panel Manufaturer Warrany

25 Year Extended Inverter Warranty

12 Year Standard Inverter Warranty