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What Is A True-Up Statement?

After going solar, you will see some changes to your utility bill. Expect to still receive a monthly statement from your electricity utility company, but don’t expect to be billed for your electricity usage until the anniversary of the date your solar energy system was turned on. Every year, on the anniversary date your solar system was switched on, your electricity utility company will send you a “True Up” Statement. This True-Up Statement will include your annual utility bill, and a summary of your net electricity use. Learn more about net energy metering.

When The Sun Is Shining

  • During high solar production months or the months that your solar energy system is generating more energy than you are consuming, your extra energy will be sent back to the grid and “banked” as a credit for you to use in the future.

  • Your credit is set at the same rate your electricity utility company sold your extra energy to your neighbors (retail rate), minus a few cents to pay for various utility programs.

  • Your “net” energy use will be a negative number.

When The Sun Isn't Shining

  • During low solar production months or the months that you’re consuming more energy than your solar system is producing and anytime the sun isn’t shining, you likely consume some electricity from the grid.

  • In these months, any extra energy credits you previously “banked” will get applied.

  • Your “net” energy use will be a positive number.

Your Monthly Statement

When you go solar, no matter what, you will always incur monthly charges for grid usage and connection fees. Your monthly statement will also list your net energy usage. Your net energy usage will read as either a charge or a credit. These charges and credits are carried through until True-Up.

Your Annual True-Up Statement

The True-Up statement is what your electricity utility company sends you, as a solar customer, on the anniversary of the date your solar system was turned on. Your True-Up statementreconciles all the cumulative energy charges and credits and compensation for an entire 12-month period.

true-up statement example.JPG

Example: Your solar energy system generating more energy than you are consuming

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