Why iPower Energy?

With our certified partner network, the iPower Energy group is the #1 residential solar panel installation service for homeowners in California. 

$0 Down Solar

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Over 15,000+ Solar Panel Installations


Faster Installations

Experience rules. We’ve streamlined the solar installing process to be among the fastest in the industry. 90% of our customers have solar in under 30 days, and 70% in under 25 days.


Happier Customers

Our customers get solar quickly and the entire process, from consultation to installation is smooth. This is why over 50% of our new business comes from referrals.

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All-Inclusive Process

From our initial roof inspection, solar design, to city permit, approvals and inspections, we manage the entire switching to solar process so that you don't have to take on another project.

iPower Energy Reviews

- Blank80 (Ontario, CA)

Jule was great to work with. I was paying a little over $200 a month to Edison and he helped us cut that in half. iPower Energy made the entire solar installation process easy. I received notifications when ever my project moved to the next stage so I never had to call and ask for a status update. The work is now complete and it is quality! Thanks to everyone who made it happen."

Warranties & Guarantees

Thanks to our installation team and partnership with leading energy service companies, iPower Energy is proud to stand behind our work. We’ve got your back.

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Roof Warranty

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Customer Satisfaction

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Micro Inverter

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Panel Manufacturer

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Extended Inverter

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Standard Inverter

Solal Panel Ownership Perfected

Our core focus is on delivering premium services that create great experiences. Our solar panel ownership program comes with the services you need to help you maintain your solar panels, monitor, and maximize your home's resale value. Here's what you get with our ownership program


Pearl Certification: Realtor & Appraiser Docs - Pearl helps quantify how much home value the solar adds (average ~4.5%) thanks to thorough third-party verified documentation.


Performance Guarantee - Your solar panels will do what they are designed to do, guaranteed! We will identify any issues and fix it within 30 days or pay for actual lost production until it's fixed.


Annual Multi-Point System Inspection - Our industry-leading service watches your solar for you, guarantees production and prioritizes your support needs. Annual Multi-Point System Inspection - Once a year, we'll conduct a thorough on-site survey of the solar system to make sure all components are free of defects and operating up to expected standards


Monthly Solar Health Check - Every month, we'll take a peek under the hood to make sure the solar is fully operational, and address any issues we discover


Annual Panel Cleaning - Your subscription comes with one complimentary panel cleaning per year - no restrictions on total system size or number of panels!

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