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Go Solar in Menifee

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Homeowners in Menifee enjoy plenty of sunshine throughout the year, with an average of 272 sunshine days and only 31 days with measurable precipitation annually of 12" inches of rainfall.

iPower Energy Group, LLC offers local solar installation services in Menifee, California. Our solar installation services in Menifee are unmatched

Choose a Solar Program That's Right For You

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$0 Down

No Loan Required

Instant Monthly Savings

Save up to 60%

25 year agreement

Product & Workmanship Warranties

Maintenance & Repairs Included

Ease of Selling Home

Performance Guarantee

Purchase Your Power

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$0 Down

Cash Purchase or Finance

Instant Monthly Savings

Save up to 60%

10-25 year agreement

Product & Workmanship Warranties

Increased Property Value

Ease of Selling Home

26% Federal Tax Credit*

Own Your System

Do Menifee Homeowners Qualify for the Federal Solar Tax Credit?

Yes, Menifee homeowners will be able to claim % of the cost of their home solar installation as a tax credit until 2032. The federal tax credit or ITC (Investment Tax Credit) is a credit that gives solar panel owners a dollar-for-dollar reduction against their federal income taxes. You can qualify for the ITC for the tax year that you installed your solar panels as long as the system generates electricity for a home in the United States.

Want More Information About Federal Solar Tax Credits?

When it comes to taxes, it’s always best to first speak with your tax advisor. They know your personal situation and can direct you on how to go about applying for and collecting your tax credit benefits. Aside from that, we recommend the resources provided by energy.gov. They are a credible organization and have a ton of great information that will go over solar tax credits in more detail for you.

Want to Own Your Solar Panels?

These post solar services are optional but recommended

Solar Panel Cleaning - Your project comes with one complimentary panel cleaning.

Monthly Solar Health Check - Every month, we'll take a peek under the hood to make sure the solar is fully operational, and address any issues we discover.

Performance Guarantee - Your solar panels will do what they are designed to do. Guaranteed! We will identify any issues and fix it within 30 days or pay for actual production lost until it's fixed.


Pearl Certification: Realtor & Appraiser Docs - Pearl helps quantify how much 
home value the solar adds (average ~4.5%) thanks to thorough third-party verified documentation.

Annual Inspection - Once a year, we'll conduct a thorough on-site survey of the solar system to make sure all components are free of defects and operating up to expected standards.

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Want to Purchase Your Power for Less?

Solar as a Service or A Power Purchase Agreement May Be Right For You

Power Purchase Agreement (Solar as A Service) - Purchase the power your panels produce at a lower rate than the utility

24/7 Monitoring - Around the clock monitoring to make sure your solar panels are running properly

Worry-Free Service - Warranties, insurance, maintenance, and solar system repairs included 


Agreement Transfer - Selling your home? This PPA guarantees the buyer will qualify to assume your agreement

$0 Down - Lock in a low rate for 25 years with one simple monthly payment. 

How Important is Solar Panel Wattage?

Don't be sold on the idea that you need a lot panels in order to benefit from going solar. When it comes to solar panels, wattage size matters. The higher the wattage, the greater the solar power production, which also means a smaller number of panels on your roof. 

When you're shopping for solar quotes, don't settle for clearance panels or solar panels that were popular yesterday. With iPower Energy, you get high-efficiency solar panels that will produce for the duration of your agreement, saving you energy and money.

Customer Experience


Backed by "Our Customer Promise", our guiding principle is to ensure the satisfaction of every homeowner and the success of every project. We stand behind our promise to eliminate the stress of going solar, confront misinformation with honest and accurate information, and provide a superior customer experience backed by industry leading product warranties.


Now, that's Power!


With iPower Energy Group, LLC Temecula residents get everything they need in a solar company... and maybe a few they didn't even know they needed.

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