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iPower Energy Group, LLC adds value to solar panel ownership for homeowners

Leasing vs Buying Solar Panels: Homeowners now have another reason to consider owning their solar panel system outright with iPower Energy's value-added solar energy services

January 13, 2022

MURRIETA, CALIF. (PRWEB) JANUARY 13, 2022 - iPower Energy Group, LLC, a California home and battery storage, solar energy services provider today announced a value-added solar energy service for homeowners seeking to own their solar panel system outright. The service includes high efficiency solar panels, solar panel cleaning, monthly solar check ups, and even an official Pearl Home Solar Certification packet that includes appraiser & realtor documents and other showcasing information about a home’s high-performing solar features. Solar can improve a home’s value by a significant amount, and Pearl helps homeowners document this when the time comes to sell or refinance their home. These services are available with every solar installation by iPower Energy.

iPower Energy is able to deliver these value-added solar services through partners who take a customer-centric business approach. These services address the growing needs of homeowners who require more than $0 zero upfront costs to have solar panels installed on their roof.

Other solar companies in the local area who offer solar energy services have began offering 12-months of no bill pay, leaving homeowners with the financial responsibility to have their solar panels cleaned, serviced, and inspected. Solar energy services with important value additions that reduce a homeowners true cost of owning solar panels are becoming increasingly popular.

"Our focus is to deliver a full, all encompassing solar energy service to homeowners with all of the support and resources they need to realize energy independence and maintain their solar system - from competitive financing, re-roofing, maintenance, and prioritized troubleshooting and support, we offer value-added solar energy services backed by industry leading warranties," said Managing Director of iPower Energy Group, Joel Hall.

iPower Energy's solar services include a performance guarantee that promises to pay for any lost production and a 20% discount on additional solar services like the installation of critter guard barriers. Homeowners in California have already started their journey towards energy independence with iPower Energy taking advantage of the value-added services for solar panel ownership.

In addition to the offering of value-added solar services, iPower Energy is devoted to creating and delivering an unrivaled customer experience for every homeowner. The company promotes sustainable living and has taken a pledge to lead more sustainable and eco-friendly lives. iPower Energy is honored to do their part in order to contribute to a better environment for everyone.

For more information on iPower Energy Group, please visit or call 866-235-5718

About iPower Energy Group, LLC
The iPower Energy Group, LLC is committed to adding value to every homeowner’s solar power system. From high-efficient solar panels to best in class battery energy storage, homeowners rely on the iPower Energy network to deliver quality work backed by industry leading warranties. We strive to over deliver on every solar power installation which is why 90% of our customers have solar in under 30 days, and 70% in under 25 days. Please visit

About Pearl Certification
Pearl Certification is a national firm that provides third-party certification of high-performing homes: homes with “performance assets” that make them healthy, safe, comfortable, energy and water efficient. Pearl Certification was accepted into the prestigious National Association of Realtors Reach Accelerator program in 2017. For more information, visit

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