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iPower Energy Local Solar News 

iPower Energy completes a residential solar installation in Menifee Lakes, CA 

iPower Energy announces the company has completed a 7.48 kW residential solar panel installation system in Menifee Lakes, California.

November 30, 2022

iPower Energy completed a 7.48kW solar panel installation system in Menifee, California with Energy Service Partners (ESP) who helped facilitate the project. The 1,963 square foot single-family home (4br/3ba) built in 1998 in Menifee Lakes will generate clean solar electricity, eliminating the homeowner’s traditional monthly Southern California Edison bill, and earning the homeowner an instant $708 clean energy rebate offered exclusively by iPower Energy. The homeowner will apply a tax credit equal to 30% of their installation costs to their tax liability in 2023.

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The solar system features 17 Aptos 440W premium solar panels, the high-powered IQ7A Enphase microinverter, and will generate enough electricity to offset grid usage with 107% renewable and locally generated energy. The array was designed to produce 12,247 kilowatt hours of solar electricity each year, preventing  CO2 emissions from roughly 21,544 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle, the equivalent of over 1 million iPhones charged.

“This Menifee Lakes solar installation emphasizes the positive impact that we continue to make in the city of Menifee and on Menifee homeowners,” says Jule Hall, the company's co-founder and CEO. “With every solar installation, we give a clean energy rebate but it was the 30% solar tax credit that made all the difference for this family. “The solar tax credit is like having a gift card with the federal government. You can use it to reduce or eliminate your tax liability”

Since 2005, the federal government has incentivized homeowners to switch to solar. The solar investment tax credit (ITC), also known as the federal solar tax credit, is a tax incentive offered by the government that can be applied to a homeowner’s federal income tax liability for the year their solar panels were installed and turned on. The credit can only be claimed once but it will roll over to the next year if the taxes owed are less than the credit earned. iPower Energy encourages Menifee homeowners who plan to place solar panels on their homes to schedule a free, no obligation over the phone or in-home consultation to learn more about how the 30% federal solar tax credit works.


About iPower Energy
iPower Energy is a local solar energy services company that provides custom clean energy solutions for residential properties. The company’s $0 down solar service plans can offset grid usage and reduce or eliminate a homeowner’s traditional electricity bill, protecting them against the inevitable rise in electricity rates. For more information, please visit

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