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Offering The Best Rooftop Solar Ownership Program With Value-Added Solar Services

If you qualify to take advantage of all of the benefits of owning your solar panels, we offer the best rooftop solar ownership program with value-added solar services to help you maintain and maximize the efficiency of your solar system. The iPower Energy group is responsible for over 15,000 successful solar installations in the state of California. Our $0 down solar panel ownership program can save you as much as 60% on your electric bill.

Premium Panels

Your rooftop solar system comes with top of the line, premium solar panels (440 W Aptos Solar Technology). 

Performance Guarantee

 We will identify any issues with your solar system and fix it within 30 days or pay for actual production lost until it's fixed.

Annual Inspection

We'll conduct a thorough on-site survey of your solar system to make sure it's operating up to expected standards.

Monthly Solar Health Check

Every month, we'll take a peek under the hood to make sure your solar panels are operating as promised

Discover Energy Independence

Rooftop Solar Ownership

Buy your energy at a lower kWh hour rate than you're paying with your current utility

Do you own your home?

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We Make $0 Down Solar Panel Ownership Affordable

There are many benefits to solar panel ownership. Installing and owning the solar panels on your roof not only can save you as much as 60% on your utility bill, but the solar panels can potentially increase your home's value by up to 4% more than comparable homes with no solar panels. We offer a $0 a down solar system ownership program for your home that includes solar panel cleaning, monthly monitoring, and official appraiser realtor documents to help you maintain maximum solar panel efficiency and sell you home for more. 

iPower Energy
Offering Value-Added Rooftop Solar Ownership For Homeowners

25-Year Panel Manufacturing Warranty

Rapid and Reliable Solar Installation

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Monthly and Annual Solar System Check and Inspection 

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