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iPower Energy Group asks Governor Newsom to stand up and save solar in California

iPower Energy calls on Governor Newsom and The California Public Utilities Commission to do the right thing for solar jobs and solar customers in California

January 17, 2022

MURRIETA, CALIF. (PRWEB) JANUARY 17, 2022 - iPower Energy Group, an energy service provider of home solar, battery backup storage, and a progressive advocate of clean energy, announced today that the company is calling on Governor Newsom to save California solar. #SaveSolar


According to the Solar Rights Alliance, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is proposing to make rooftop solar and battery backup storage more expensive with a $57 per month solar penalty fee. The company is urging Governor Newsom to take action, step in and do the right thing for solar jobs and solar customers in California. #SaveSolar

“The more solar panels, the larger the fee,” says Jule Hall, CEO of iPower Energy. “The proposal introduces the largest solar-only fee in America and would dramatically slow the deployment of clean energy in California and put rooftop solar and battery storage out of reach for many families.” #SaveSolar

California has long been a solar energy leader, showing the rest of the world what forward-thinking progress looks like. The CPUC’s proposal puts over 60,000 jobs at risk and would deal a major blow to the California solar and battery storage market.

Hall continued, “This is a utility profit grab. This proposal only benefits the investor owned utilities. If Governor Newsom wants to maintain his position as a clean energy leader, the governor needs to step in before these changes are finalized on January 27th and go into effect this spring.”

The sun belongs to everyone. Take action! Visit to sign the petition to Governor Newsom.

For more information on iPower Energy Group, please visit or call 866-235-5718

About iPower Energy Group, LLC

The iPower Energy Group, LLC is committed to adding value to every homeowner's solar power system. From high-efficient solar panels to best in class battery energy storage and energy management solutions, homeowners rely on the iPower Energy network to deliver quality work backed by industry leading warranties. The company strives to over deliver on every solar power installation which is why 90% of its customers have solar in under 30 days, and 70% in under 25 days. Please visit

About Solar Rights Alliance

Solar Rights Alliance is a nonprofit association of California solar users. The organization believes that you have the right to make energy from the sun on your property without unreasonable interference, discrimination or red tape from the utilities or the government. The Solar Rights Alliance also believes that your solar energy is a valuable community resource, and you should be credited as such when you share it with the grid. For more information on the Solar Rights Alliance, please visit

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Joel Hall

Managing Director

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