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7 Easy Steps to Going Solar

Going solar doesn't have to be complicated. Not only do we make the switch to solar easy, but we also handle all of the permiting, inspections, utility interconnection agreements and monitoring setup so that you can enjoy an abundance of solar energy.

1. Energy Assessment

The best way for us to custom design the right system for you is to perform an energy assessment on your homes energy usage. By looking at your electricity consumption, we can appropriately design and size a system that meets your assumed future energy demand. This information is also important to ensure that we do not oversize your system, or design a system too small.

2. Project Acceptance

Your custom design has been prepared, your energy usage and what your paying per kilowatt-hour (kWh) with your electricity company has been confirmed and verified. You review how much money solar will save you and give us the okay to proceed with your project. We will get you approved and lock in your savings.

3. Site Survey

One of our Site Technicians will visit your home to measure, review and finalize your project plans. During our survey, we'll verify the condition of your roof, takes photos, and conduct shade studies or other environmental dynamics, if needed.

4. Permitting

We handle the permitting and paperwork with the city. Final drawings are submitted to your local municipality’s building and construction safety departments. We'll let you know when everything is good to go.

5. Installation

When we get the permits back from the city, your roof is ready for an upgrade! Your project manager will call to schedule the delivery and set-up of your solar system. The on-site work will typically take about one to three days, depending on the system size and other conditions. 

6. Inspection

The local municipality needs to approve our installation. Your project manager will call and arrange a time to have an inspector from the local municipality come out to review your solar project.

7. System Activation

We submit approval from the final inspection to the utility company for interconnection and Permission to Operate (PTO). Depending on your utility provider, it may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Your project manager will call you to schedule the activation, go over system monitoring, and answer any final questions you have. Congratulations, your solar is ready to go!

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