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Solar Energy For Your Home

Share The Sun  ·  Power The Future

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Power Your Home With Solar

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Guaranteed Lower Monthly and Total Cost

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Get Solar Home
Battery Storage

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Over 15,000 Installations in California

Solar Power For Your Home

Why Homeowners Choose iPower Energy?

iPower Energy offers solar installation paired with a battery, allowing homeowners to generate their own power and increase home equity. We are a trusted local solar provider with competitive pricing that prioritizes savings and our highly trained solar consultants take full responsibility for ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Long-term Reliability

Our solar panels feature an elegant all-black design that seamlessly blends with any roof, enhancing its aesthetics. These panels efficiently capture solar energy and convert it into electricity to power your home. You can rely on their long-term reliability and exceptional performance even in extreme conditions. To discover more about our offerings, schedule a consultation with an iPower Energy Consultant today, with no obligation.

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Install Solar + Battery With Us


Home Battery Storage

Solar paired with battery storage offers the advantage of powering your home even during grid outages. It also provides the opportunity to eliminate your electric bill by charging the battery during off-peak hours when electricity costs are lowest and using the stored energy during peak hours. With iPower Energy, you can benefit from a customized solar system design tailored to the unique needs of your home. Get in touch with one our Energy Solar Specialists to discover how solar energy and energy arbitrage can benefit you.

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$0 Down

Home Solar Installation

You can have peace of mind knowing that your home is well taken care of. We prioritize reliability, provide top-quality service, and ensure energy savings as standard. Our comprehensive services cover everything from design and engineering to permitting and system activation. We are dedicated to transforming your property into a self-reliant, solar energy-producing home that safeguards you against the inevitable rise in utility bill rates. Contact an iPower Energy Consultant today for further information and to embark on your journey toward a cleaner and more sustainable home.


Future Proof Your Investment

Experience the cutting-edge performance, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness of our solar panels, engineered to generate up to 30% more energy. With the power of Enphase microinverters or SolarEdge Energy Hub inverters, your home solar system is equipped for future upgrades, such as home battery storage and electric vehicle charging, ensuring long-term adaptability and versatility.

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24/7 Solar Monitoring

Gain complete control over your energy usage with our solar installation, which includes a convenient feature that allows you to monitor your energy consumption right from your mobile device. With a user-friendly app, you can track your home energy usage in real-time from anywhere in the world, enjoying 24/7 mobile monitoring. This enables you to identify any abnormal consumption patterns that might affect your net metering credits, assess system performance, and easily contact support with just a single touch. Stay connected and informed effortlessly with our comprehensive monitoring solution.

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