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A FREE solar energy quickstart guide for homeowners 

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When you work with a solar energy company like iPower Energy, you generate your own affordable, clean energy, with the power of the sun. 

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Best-in-class Solar Inverters
Aptos DNA-144 Solar Panel Technology 
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SolarEdge Solar Energy Bank
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Avanced solar panel technology should be accessible and affordable for homeowners who want to go solar so we install Silicon Valley's very own Aptos panels.

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Solar System Options And Benefits

Ownership vs PPA

If you're looking to go solar and avoid the inevitable rise in your electricity rate, then you have more than one option with iPower Energy. No matter what option you decide on, rest assured that you will save big. Pay less for more energy and help save the planet from harmful greenhouse gases at the same time. Find out which zero down solar energy option works best for you.


Solar Panels Financing

$0 Down

Cash Purchase or Finance

Instant Monthly Savings

Save up to 60%

10-25 year agreement

APR As low as 1.99%

Maintain Your Own System

Increased Property Value

30% Federal Tax Credit*


Solar Panels
As a Service

$0 Down

No Loan Required

Instant Monthly Savings

Save up to 50%

25 year agreement

APR As Low As 0%

Maintenance & Repairs Included

Ease of Selling Home

Performance Guarantee

Learn More About Our Solar Energy Services

Solar Installation

We're a local solar energy services company helping homeowners save big on their electricity bill with solar energy. Contact us today to find out which $0 down solar financing option works best for you.

Solar Battery Backup

When solar panels are paired with a solar battery backup system, your excess power is stored in the battery and you can power your essential appliances with clean energy, even during power outages.

Solar Energy Management

A home battery can backup a fraction of your home. When paired with SPAN, that same battery can backup your entire home. SPAN replaces your existing electric panel and lets you control every circuit in your home.

The Power Is In Our Process

We assign you a personal Project Coordinator dedicated to your solar project and serving your needs, so you’re never left guessing when or what comes next. Like any residential solar project, there can be unknowns. But, after more than 15,000 installations, our energy group knows how to manage them. The 7 steps below highlight the stages your project will folow from assessment to activation to get panels on your roof fast.

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Solar  Installations


Year Equipment & Labor Warranty


Top Solar Contractors Award


Installed since 2015

Where We're Making An Impact

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Local Solar Installations Happening Now

There’s a vast misconception amongst homeowners in California that installing rooftop solar panels is a task best completed after summer, when high utility rates become the most transparent.

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